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New iPhone, iPad Apps from ETC now Available

ETC is announcing two new lighting applications for iPhone®, iTouch® and iPad® devices. The Selador® Toolkit and ETC Rigging™ apps, developed by ETC Field Project Coordinator Lowell Olcott, are available for download for free from the iTunes App Store.

Selador Toolkit (for iPhone, iTouch and iPad)
The Selador Toolkit application – with features for both beginners and professionals – allows designers to mix their favorite colors and determine which models to use. The app also includes calculators to help stage electricians set DMX addresses for a series of Selador fixtures and gauge power usage. Data sheets, manuals, and application guides are provided to help accomplish the best overall results.

ETC Rigging (for iPad only)
The ETC Rigging app is an interactive tool for demonstrating the unique aspects of ETC’s line of rigging products. Users can experience the benefits of the compact Prodigy® hoist system, or find out how the ETC’s compression tube system can save money when planning new construction or renovating an existing venue. The app demonstrates how ETC’s cable management system tucks neatly away and how the user-friendly QuickTouch® control system works. More information about ETC’s rigging line can be found at