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Bedford Community Television Completes Studio Makeover

bctv studio gridBCTV recently completed the construction on their new studio. The studio changes consisted of adding new energy efficient studio lighting,

lighting grid, and a brand new addition, a studio curtain. 

bctv studio curtainThe curtain creates a second studio set, by sliding over the standard fixed studio that the station has used for the last couple of years.  The lighting, curtain and all associated infrastructure hardware was purchased through Barbizon Lighting.

In addition, a new "green screen" curtain will be added to create a third virtual set environment. Lighting was added for this "third set" that will allow BCTV to greatly improve the station's green screen productions. The green screen, along with the station's new teleprompter, will now allow anyone to come in and do a quick video public service announcement if they wish, or they could do a complete virtual set show.

bctv setOne significant point regarding this whole project is that Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) is paying for a good portion of the lighting costs since the station is using energy efficient lighting. They will be paying $20,406; that's over half of the project cost. It pays to buy energy efficient systems. Between the studio, and the town meeting room where lighting was installed in 2010, PSNH has contributed $34,778 to the station's energy efficient lighting purchases for those two rooms; AND, that doesn't include the annual energy savings. Barbizon Lighting was instrumental in coordinating the rebates from PSNH.   Barbizon representative, Jonathan Lipsy worked with PSNH and BCTV throughout the whole process.

The photos seen are: one with the standard fixed set and the new lighting set up; one with the new curtain drawn, and a third which shows the new grid and lighting set up. Seeing it in person will give everyone a much better perspective on how awesome this upgrade turned out. Please contact Jonathan Lipsy in our Boston offices to learn more.

The above story is a reprint from the New Hampshire Coalition for Community Media Newsletter.