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Barbizon Summer 2009 Newsletter


Applications Abound!
From the President's Desk

It's pretty incredible - we are almost half-way through 2010.  Where has the time gone?  The good news is that it seems like production levels are creeping back up again. Whether it be a film, summer theater, new construction or renovation of a current space Barbizon is proud to be your partner and trusted supplier. 

We, just like you, are navigating business in "the new normal".  We continue to work closely with manufacturers exploring ways to help our customers save money and be more efficient.

Remember, we not only provide and install new gear we also have a team of technicians at the ready to help you repair your existing equipment.

As always I am interested in hearing your feedback.  Feel free to call me at 212-586-1620 or email me.
Here's to an even better 2nd half of 2010!



Barbizon Integrates Studios for 1st LEED Gold Broadcast Facility in North America
NAB is an exciting time for Las Vegas Broadcasters.  KLVX StudioThis year was exceptionally so for KLVX, the local PBS station.  LEED Gold Certification was awarded to KLVX in 2009, the first of its kind for any broadcast facility in the nation.  General Manager Tom Paxtel's vision did not happen overnight.  His team put years of effort into creating the building that houses Vegas PBS and the Clark County School District's Virtual High School.  Systems Lighting Integrator Barbizon Light of the Rockies was given clear direction from PBS Production Manager Dave Molinaro; provide a system with complex capabilities, simple operational features and energy efficient technology.  Barbizon used this direction to design lighting and rigging systems for two Production Studios, four Virtual Classroom Studios and a Science Classroom Studio. 
ETC's SENSOR dimming and ION Control Console were chosen for their high functionality, ease of operation and the efficiency required.  Desisti DELUX Fluorescents, ETC Source4 ellipsoidals, and an array of CDM and low-wattage Tungsten Fresnels provide a compliment of low power consumption fixtures.  Of special note, ETC's Selador VIVID-R, 7-color LED fixtures were used to light an 18'Hx160'W cyclorama.  Producer Mark Williams enjoys being able to change the background color with the color-picker functionality on the ION, or, with the touch of a button on the Radio Remote.  Vegas PBS staff enjoys the comfort and environmentally responsible aspects of their facility and acknowledge the studio as the crowning jewel. Barbizon congratulates KLVX on their LEED Gold Certification; we are proud to be part of their success. 


Advances in LED Product: Key Considerations - by Ed Disbrow
LED light sources have inherent advantages in lifetime, maintenance, ruggedness, operational efficiencies and green power. Yet, until recently, they were unable to reach the levels of white light brightness and color wash capabilities needed for stage, studio, and public venues.

Their lumen output was a fraction of that generated by tungsten-based PAR lights. They had a variety of performance issues compared to moving lights with CMY color mixing. These deficiencies contributed to LED products being used mainly for entertainment and architainment applications such as signage, cove lighting, bar back, accent and decorative lighting. This is now changing. Full-service LED lighting system manufacturers are extending technology in line with user demands.

From DMX-interfaced systems and dimmable fixtures to MR16 lights and LED bulbs

Led by several well-known companies' LED "brick" lights, these additive RGB color mixing fixtures provide the brightness and degree of color saturation to compete with conventional DMX-interfaced lighting systems - without the gels, filters, moving parts, dimmed circuits and cables.

Manufacturers have also made inroads with white light and color temperature brick lights. For just one example, the BF-SBL-WWW provides high output 92+ CRI illumination and uses CleanDim control technology for smooth 0-100% dimming.  

So, while halogen lighting systems are able to generate massive amounts of lumens, many applications either just do not need those levels of brightness or an alternative design incorporating a sufficient number of LED brick lights will suffice. 

For accents and effects, color changing and monochromatic LED light sources offer high performance in a small package (such as MR16 modules or Edison base bulbs).

The 'X' Factors
Be aware, though, that the number of LED product manufacturers continues to grow. And compared to conventional lighting, LED products may often vary significantly in quality, performance, options and customization, price and overall value.
Barbizon represents hundreds of manufacturers  -- from those that excel at developing specific types of products to industry leaders with broad product lines. Contact your local Barbizon office to help you determine what product would best suit your needs.

(Editor's note: Thanks to Ed Disbrow of Boca Flasher for his insights on LED's)


New Motion Labs Inverter Pacs Pump Up the Power
ML Inverter PacMotion Labs has developed the Inverter Pac, a 2 channel chain hoist controller designed to take in 120VAC single phase power and output 208V three phase power.
No more need to stock both Single Phase and Three Phase chain hoists avoiding expensive tie-ins or long cable runs and reducing costs for either a small-scale show or in-shop testing.
Make your job easier by turning the wrong power into the right power.
  • Designed around the Schneider Electric Altivar product line
  • Time delay protection on each drive insuring proper shut down and power up
  • Phase Reverse Switch
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Direction Switches
  • Direction Indicators
  • Dual Powercon Inputs
  • Two 10ft Powercon to Edison Adapter Cables
  • 15A Shunt trip Circuit Breaker
  • 4CFM Forced Air Fan Cooling
  • Multiple Output Panel Options (P14, P7, C7 or Dual Twist)
This unit is for use with Three Phase Chain Hoists only. It is not intended as a Three Phase power supply and should not be used as such.

For more info contact you local Barbizon office at 866-502-2724

New Barbizon Team Members
Ms. Lisa Dimino recently joined the Products and Expendables team with Barbizon Lighting's Boston offices working with customers in the New England area. Lisa commented, "I enjoy the everyday challenges encountered in distribution, with my extensive experience in client relationship & retention my goal is to provide customers/prospects a rapid response to inquiries and quick turn around on quotes." Lisa brings 20+ years of experience with her to Barbizon and she's excited to be working in the entertainment and architectural lighting market.  Ms. Dimino can be reached by phone or email at (781) 935-3920 or ldimino [at]

Allison Mutton has recently joined the Products and Expendables Allison Muttonteam out of the Orlando offices focusing on central and northern Florida.  "I have a great working relationship with many of the local venues and they have all been very happy to see that I am back in this industry," remarked Allison. 

Allison is no stranger to the industry and can be reached by phone or email at (407) 999-2647 or amutton [at]
Barbizon on The Road - Upcoming Events
National Shows
LDI                                    Oct 22-24    Las Vegas, NV
Worship Facilities Expo     Nov 3-4       Atlanta, GA
Regional Shows
Hippotizer/Avolites/TMB Worship @ Peace Center                         July 9         Greenville, SC
Martin Brighter World Tour @ Barbizon Charlotte                          July 26         Charlotte, NC
Lighting for Worship Education Day @ Peach Tree Presbyterian  Aug 19         Atlanta, GA
Lighting for Worship Education Day @ Westover Church             Sept 23        Greensboro, NC
Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium Expo                 Sept 16-17       TBD
Texas Association of Broadcasters                                            Aug 11-12       Austin, TX
Tennessee Theater Conference                                                 Oct 23-24       Cookeville, TN  
FAME Conference (Florida Association for Media in Education)   Nov 3-5       Orlando, FL
New England Broadcast Cable Expo                                              Nov 10       Worcester, MA
Arizona Thespians                                                                     Nov 19-20       Phoenix, AZ