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Barbizon Capitol Welcomes Brad Minardi

Brad Minardi

Barbizon is pleased to announce the hiring of Brad Minardi with the Barbizon Capitol’s offices working as an outside sales rep with customers in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  “What I like best about my new role at Barbizon is being able to go out and meet people face to face and create a lighting package that best suits their needs. Every day brings something new. It is not uncommon in any given week to visit a theatre, church, museum, and even a government building!”
Most recently, Brad worked for Rosco Labs in Stamford, CT as a technical support specialist. 
Brad has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA); concentrating in Event Management from George Washington University and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree (MFA) in Lighting Design & Technical Direction from Tulane University.
He can be reached by phone or email at  (703) 750-3900  or bminardi [at]