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Barbizon Awards for Theatrical Design Excellence in Scenic, Costume, and Lighting Design

Started in 1969 by Roger L. Stevens, the Kennedy Center's founding chairman, the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) is a national theater program involving 18,000 students from colleges and universities nationwide which has served as a catalyst in improving the quality of college theater in the United States. The KCACTF has grown into a network of more than 600 academic institutions throughout the country, where theater departments and student artists showcase their work and receive outside assessment by KCACTF respondents.

The goals of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival are:

  • to encourage, recognize, and celebrate the finest and most diverse work produced in university and college theater programs;
  • to provide opportunities for participants to develop their theater skills and insight; and achieve professionalism;
  • to improve the quality of college and university theater in America;
  • to encourage colleges and universities to give distinguished productions of new plays, especially those written by students; the classics, revitalized or newly conceived; and experimental works.

Barbizon started this award as part of our 50 years of buisiness to foster and encourage theatrical designers

We are very proud to announce the KCACTF National Festival Design, Technologies and Management Fellowships and Awards that were presented on April 23, 2011
The Barbizon Award for Excellence in Costume Design
Carlie Crawford, Middlebury College
Mignon Charvet, University of New Orleans
Amy Schrag, University of Hawaii at Manoa
The Barbizon Award for Excellence in Lighting Design
Meghan Gray, Colorado State University
The Barbizon Award for Excellence in Scenic Design
Christopher and Justin Swader, Ball State University
Jeffrey Kmiec, University of Virginia
James Tait, Portland Community College: Sylvania Campus
Each award includes a full tuition grant, housing, daily breakfast and lunch. Students were selected by a team of theatre technologists and designers for outstanding achievement demonstrated at each Regional Festival in their area of theatre technology, crafts or design.
Rudolf Mikkleson, Suffolk County Community College
Alexis Smith, Eastern Connecticut State University
James Hicks, University of Texas at El Paso
Victor  Ciccone, Portland Community College   
Kevin Lichty, Clarion University
Tracy Hoida, University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Mackenzie Millan, Virginia Commonwealth University
Joe Burkard, University of Central Missouri
Michael Leon, Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy