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Lighting and Rigging Systems from Black Box Theaters to Performing Arts Centers. Barbizon is a leader in providing and installing conventional stage fixtures, automated luminaires, accessories, curtains, track, dimming, and control.

Film & Television

For both Network broadcast and local cable access Barbizon supplies and installs studio lighting and rigging systems. We are experts in selecting studio fixtures suitable to the demands of chroma key operations.

Houses of Worship

Regardless of size, Churches trust Barbizon for their light systems. We supply the latest LED fixtures from the leading manufacturers providing low cost substantial lighting.


Whether it's a special architectural lighting applications or the need for a building-wide high speed ethernet control systems, Barbizon has the solution. We have a wide selection of contemporary LED products to create dramatic lighting to highlight or make building features stand out.

Museum and Themed

Barbizon understands the archival demands of museum lighting. From UV protection lighting filters to water effects or high color-rendering light sources, we provide exhibit lighting solutions to suit all lighting requirements.

Rigging Systems

Barbizon can supply and install your rigging needs. We can do fixed grids, motorized and counterweight rigging as well as portable trussing and hoists.

Barbizon Denver | Barbizon Lighting

Welcome to Barbizon Denver

Barbizon Denver has solutions for all of your lighting needs. Professionals in the Mile High city trust the experts at Barbizon Denver to provide superior products and exceptional industry support. Our skilled team members are prepared to handle any of your lighting and rigging needs. 

Barbizon Denver: Your One Stop Shop

Whether you’re planning lighting for theatre, film, or a museum, you can streamline the process by working with Barbizon Denver.

You can trust us to apply the appropriate principles to your space. We not only sell equipment, but we understand the best applications. Our operations are based on three distinct functions designed to meet your needs: systems integrations, project management and technical services. Our collective knowledge base is spread amongst these strategic operations. This design allows Barbizon Denver to offer complete and integrated service for all of your lighting needs. 

Complete Lighting Service Company

Our team doesn’t just provide the products you need. The talented staff at Barbizon Denver utilize knowledge to serve you. We have years of experience integrating lighting and rigging systems. Barbizon Denver experts provide support from the beginning stages until the final project is complete. 

We know that you are working on a timeline, so we deliver the products you need quickly. Barbizon Denver professionals connect you with the most appropriate products for your needs. We then supervise the integration of your system. When the system is complete, we offer support to address any emergency issues. Trust Barbizon Denver for personalized service for all of your lighting and rigging needs.

Contact Barbizon Denver at (303) 394-9875 for all of your entertainment lighting needs and integration services.

Lighting for All Applications

We’re proud to serve the Denver community. We work with professionals and amateurs in all fields. We love being a part of the action in Denver and the surrounding communities. Our team supports projects by providing lighting systems for a wide variety of applications. We complete lighting and rigging applications for a number of applications, including:

  • Film and television
  • Performing arts centers
  • Houses of worship
  • Theater

Call Barbizon Denver at (303) 394-9875 to learn about our lighting and rigging services. 

Extensive Inventory in Denver

Barbizon Denver has a large inventory of lighting and rigging equipment. No one in the Denver area has access to a wider range of professional equipment. We have strong relationships with the major manufacturers. No matter how obscure your need or detailed your plan, you can find what you need. The Barbizon Denver team draws on years of experience to guide you to select the right products.

Founded on Service 

The foundation of our success is personal service. We complete every job on time and within budget. Nothing stops us from executing your plan to meet your expectations. 

We’re passionate about serving you. At Barbizon Denver, every client receives personal service and superior attention to detail. Call us at (303) 394-9875 to learn more.


Barbizon Lighting Company has been providing professional lighting and rigging equipment for over 70 years. Professionals from all industries turn to our team for lighting equipment, expendables, systems and rigging. Our expertise goes beyond equipment, as we provide ideas and solutions for entertainment and architectural projects.  Whether you work in the television, film, theatre, museum, house of worship or architectural lighting communities, Barbizon Lighting has the knowledge, expertise, and service that sets us apart.
We not only provide equipment, expendables and accessories, but we also offer complete system integration, installation, commissioning, technical services, and support after the job is complete.  We’re here to provide lighting and rigging equipment for most any application.
Contact Barbizon Lighting today to partner with us for your lighting and rigging needs.
Denver Office
8269 East 23rd Avenue, Suite 111
Denver, CO 80238
United States

Tel.: 303-394-9875
Fax No.: 303-355-5996
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