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Barbizon Lighting Company Current Job Openings Barbizon Lighting opened its doors in 1947 and has become one of the world's leading entertainment and architectural lighting systems integrator and equipment supplier with 15 offices worldwide.  Our employees receive competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package that include:

  • Full Insurance Coverage
  • 401K program with employer matching plan
  • ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan)

If you possess the skills and/or experience that you think would help you to succeed in the role of designing, selling and installing the tools for technical production, send us a letter of introduction and your resume.

Please indicate geographic preferences and your date of availability. (Please do not include a list of design and production credits.)

Opportunities in Barbizon's Sales Division:

Alexandria, VA - Inside Sales

Charlotte, NC - Sales Associate

Denver, CO - Sales Assistant

Houston, TX - Sales Assistant

Orlando, FL - Sales Associate 

Phoenix, AZ - Sales Assistant


Opportunities in Barbizon's Systems Division:

Boston, MA - Project Manager

Boston, MA - Systems Manager

Dallas, TX - Systems Integrator

Dallas, TX - Project Manager

Denver, CO - Systems Integrator

Denver, CO - Project Manager

Tempe, AZ - Systems Integrator

Tempe, AZ - Project Manager


Opportunities in Barbizon's Technical Services:

Charlotte, NC - Service Technician

Chicago, IL - Service Technician

Dallas, TX - Technical Services

Tempe, AZ - Technical Services


Opportunities in Barbizon's Administrative Roles:

Denver, CO - Purchasing Agent