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About Us

Barbizon, in business since 1947, is the one-stop source for sales, service, installation and integration of lighting equipment and accessories for the Performing Arts, Themed Environments, Live Productions, Film and Television.

We have more than 20,000 products in stocking locations across the world and we represent hundreds of manufacturers. We have a vast inventory of virtually anything you could need for lighting and rigging. No one carries more products, or can get them to you faster.

Experienced Professionals

There isn't anyone else that has the same breadth or depth of experience in integrating lighting and rigging systems, or managing projects from the simple to the complex.

We have the largest and best-trained team of lighting professionals in the industry. We have product specialists to connect you with exactly what you need, systems integrators to help you pull it all together, project managers to direct the process and supervise the details and Technical service available 24/7 to meet your emergency needs.

Production Lighting and Rigging for All Fields

Whatever your stage, Barbizon has products, experience and expertise for lighting professionals and amateurs in every field:

  • Theater
  • Architectural
  • Television/Studios
  • Film
  • Worship
  • Production and A/V
  • Themed Environments/Retail
  • Wholesale/Resale Supply

Personal Service

The proof is in the delivery. Any company can promise great personal service, but we take pride in delivering superior personal service.

Lamps, tape and gel are commodities. Expertise, packaging and personal service are the factors that set our service apart from the rest. We can't earn your loyalty without them.

For every Barbizon employee - from accounting to sales to shipping - there is a single driving philosophy: Connect the customer with what they need, when they need it, at a fair price.