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Service Technician - ME - Programmer - Woburn, MA

ENTERTAINMENT TECHNICIANS - You KNOW you can make it work!

It's your first day as ME at a new Theatre.  You're standing in the absolute disaster that is the electrics shop.  As you scan the situation, you're calculating:

  • Condition of fixtures, equipment, tools and expendable inventory
  • Shop space allocations and workflow optimization
  • Time, personnel, and material resources

Then you head out to the theatre to get a handle on THAT mess.

On opening night, someone will introduce you as "The one who makes the magic happen."  You know that "magic" doesn't come without skill, experience, and organization.

Barbizon needs that skill, experience, and organization.  As a Barbizon Service Technician you'll:

  • Advise systems integrators on system design - your knowledge is that deep
  • Impress customers, contractors, and passersby with your cool, collected confidence - your people skills are that refined

Barbizon technicians have been magicians since 1947.  Along the way, they've been well compensated and received a nice package of benefits.  

Not a bad deal.  Interested? 

Please send resume & cover letter to